Getting the Best Price for My Land

February 21, 2018


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I have a lot of trees on my property, but I have never given any of them much thought. None of them are close to the house, so it didn’t matter to me that they were growing pretty tall over the years. When I decided to sell some acres all the way in the back of the property, I knew that I would probably get more money if I had a Nassau County tree service come in and take away any of the trees that were not healthy. I figured the best thing to do would be to have a tree service come in, assess the trees on the piece I wanted to sell, and take it from there.

There were 12 trees on the land I wanted to put on the market. I knew that some of the trees were okay because they just had that healthy look about them. I was not so sure about the rest of them though, so I just waited until the workers from the tree service came out. I knew that they had the training to know which trees needed to come down and which ones just needed to be topped or trimmed.

I did not want to cut down any healthy trees at all. I figured if the person buying the property wanted to do that, then that was on them. I did not want to sell them land that had dead or dying trees on it though because that would just be a way for them to try and get me to lower the price. I was very happy when the tree service told me that it would only need to take down four trees completely, and then top the rest. They quoted me a price that I was happy with, and I know that I got the best price for that land because of that move with the trees.